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Enterprise and Affiliated Centers

The Frank Batten College of Engineering and Technology is a catalyst for the economic development of Hampton Roads. To this end, the college has established a number of centers to serve as engines for enterprise development. These centers utilize all university resources, including students and faculty.

Applied Research Center (ARC) is an advanced materials engineering and laser technology research center. Staffed with industry/university teams utilizing the Jefferson Lab technologies, ARC provides commercial product-related research in the areas of thin film technology, laser and plasma processing of materials, materials analysis, and devices and sensor fabrication. Contact: Dr. Hani Elsayed-Ali, Director, helsayed@odu.edu, (757) 269-5643.
WEB SITE: www.eng.odu.edu/arc

Frank Reidy Research Center For Bioelectrics exemplifies Old Dominion University's leadership role in this new field along with substantial federal agency support. The mission of the Center is to increase scientific knowledge and understanding of the interaction of electromagnetic fields and ionized gases with biological cells and to apply this knowledge to the development of medical diagnostics, therapeutics, and environmental decontamination. The objectives of the Center are to perform leadingedge interdisciplinary and multi-institutional research, recruit top faculty and exceptional graduate students, support regional, national, and international programs, and increase external funding and institutional visibility. Contact: Dr. Richard Heller, Director, rheller@odu.edu, (757) 683-2690
WEB SITE: www.odu.edu/engr/bioelectrics

Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS), formerly the Virginia Space Flight Center (VSFC), is a full-service, FAA-licensed spaceport. The state-owned spaceport is located on the NASA Wallops Flight Facility on Virginia's Eastern Shore, an ideal site for access to the International Space Station. MARS provides low-cost access to mid-inclination and sun synchronous orbits for small- to medium-class expendable launch vehicles with payloads up to 12,000 pounds. Contact: Dale Nash, Executive Director, dknash@odu.edu.
WEB SITE: www.marsspaceport.com

National Centers for System of Systems (NCSOSE) is a collection of independent, nonprofit, engineering research and application organizations, government entities, and universities that have joined together with a common goal to solve problems, develop technologies, and direct research focused on critical issues related to the integration of complex system of systems. Contact: Dr. Charles Keating, Director, ckeating@odu.edu, (757) 683-4558.
WEB SITE: eng.odu.edu/ncsose

Old Dominion University Business Gateway (ODUBG) identifies and focuses university resources on engineering practice, management, and training. Activities include prototyping, customized testing, manufacturing process improvements, product development, sales and marketing, strategic planning, and performance benchmarking. Training subject areas include engineering management, Lean principles, Six Sigma, network administration and engineering, and information technology. Contact: Clair Dorsey, Interim Director, cdorsey@odu.edu, (757) 683-5505.
WEB SITE: odubusinessgateway.com

Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center (VMASC) is a multi-disciplinary research center of Old Dominion University. Working with more than one hundred industry, government, and academic members, VMASC furthers the development and applications of modeling, simulation and visualization as enterprise decision-making tools to promote economic, business, and academic development. Contact: Dr. John A. Sokolowski, Executive Director, jsokolov@odu.edu, (757) 686-6232.
WEB SITE: www.vmasc.odu.edu