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Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Transfer Credits and Articulation

There are a number of articulation agreements that integrate the Bachelor of Science(BS) in Engineering Technology options with a range of AAS degrees. Typically about half (55-60) of the credits toward a baccalaureate degree can be earned through completion of approved AAS degree programs at a community college. Consult your local community college for details on current transfer / articulation agreements related to your location and program. Students should also consult closely with the advisors in these AAS programs to select the correct transfer courses in areas such as mathematics, science, and general education.

In selecting courses, students should work with their advisors to include the following courses in their AAS program:

Mathematics: two semesters of precalculus equivalent to ODU MTH 162-163. Oral and Written Communications: One semester of college transfer english, one semester of speech, and one semester of technical report writing. Natural Science: Two semesters of college transfer Physics with laboratory. (For General Engineering Technology, other areas such as biology, chemistry and geology are accepted based on student interest.)

Beyond the credits required for the AAS program, students may take additional credits at the community college to fulfill BSET requirements. These include chemistry (required by CET, MET, and EET), Calculus, and any additional general education credits not completed during the AAS program.

For complete information, follow this link to the Monarch Transfermation, a transfer equivalency information database.