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Commonly Asked Questions

Placement with race teams: "While I am working on my degree can I also work with race teams?"Students often may be placed with race teams during their study if they so desire.

Hands on experience: "How hands-on is the program?" PHCC prides itself on the quality and diversity of the hands-on educational experience offered. The upper-level ODU programs are more conventional but provide hands-on lab experience under real-world race conditions to students.

Salary: "How much does engineering pay? Will investing time and money in my BS degree pay for itself? While income will vary significantly according to the individual and position according to the US Department of Labor statistics the median (half make more, half make less) income of a person with a BS in the Mechanical Engineering field will earn $78,160 annually. The average salary in general according to education level is summarized below.

Julian, Tiffany A. and Robert A. Kominski. 2011. "Education and Synthetic Work- Life Earnings Estimates." American Community Survey Reports, ACS-14. U.S. Census Bureau, Washington, DC.


Time to graduation: "The program takes five years to complete which is more than the typical four year BS degree." It is common that students take close to five years to graduate from BS programs in engineering. Hence, if the student enrolled in the PHCC to ODU motorsports program completes coursework on time he/she will finish program requirements at the same time as many other traditional students.

Cost of education: "The program takes five years instead of four years to receive BS degree?" Three years of community college and two years at four year institution are still less expensive than four years at four year institutions.

Professional Career: "What are potential career opportunities with this degree?" Graduates from this program can enter motorsports engineering careers or any other mechanical engineering position. The student receives a well-rounded education which opens many doors to future options.

Professional accreditation: "Is the program accredited by a professional organization?" The ODU Mechanical Engineering Technology program is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accrediting Commission of the Accrediting Board for Engineering and Technology (ETAC ABET) www.abet.org. This accreditation certifies the quality of education received by the student.

Professional licensure: "Can a graduate from this program pursue professional licensure?" Graduates from ETAC ABET accredited programs can take FE exam and pursue licensure in a majority of states.

Graduate program: "Can a graduate from this program pursue graduate studies?" Graduates from this program can pursue post baccalaureate studies with some or no leveling coursework in engineering, management or business fields.

Distance education: "Can a student complete his or her BS degree in a distance mode?" Students can complete all upper level (300 and 400 level) courses in a distance mode. This will allow students to work while still continuing their education.

Study abroad: "Does the program offer study abroad program?" ODU has partnered with Fachhochschule at Karlsruhe, Germany and students from this program can attend summer motorsports and automotive programs in Karlsruhe and Aachen, Germany.

"This is Justin Clark from your 2011 motorsports classes, I just wanted to thank you for teaching vehicle dynamics and racecar performance and helping provide us with the motorsports minor.  I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and gained so much usable knowledge while attending the labs and lectures.  Also I the minor helped me land a job on a nationwide team as an engineer doing suspension geometry, shock testing, and data acquisition for SR2 Motorsports, hopefully I will see you at VIR when we come do testing for road coarse tracks. Thanks again - Justin Clark"