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The ODU VIPER lab is both a facility for student teaching and hands-on experience and a commercial race facility. The facility has a chassis dyno, shock dyno, CMM arm, setup platform and equipment among its inventory of tools the students use. The VIPER lab operates an ex-pro Formula Mazda fitted with a 500+ channel MoTeC data acquisition system and MoTeC engine management. The car is used in the upper-level motorsports classes as a rolling testbed and has been used as a development platform for several capstone senior design projects including the development of an active aero system and conversion to E85 fuel. The car is tested during student labs and has an active race schedule as well. The lab also supports a fleet of race cars along with providing 'arrive and drive' support and race engineering for a variety of customers. Customer cars include a Stohr CSR featuring advanced aero development in a sub-900 pound carbon-fiber chassis and a Superlight Coupe race car powered by a GM LS3 engine.