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Victor Seaber

•Race engineering
•Design engineering
•Vehicle dynamics
•Engine evaluation and tuning

Contact Information:

•Phone: 919.349.7510
•Email: aseaber@odu.edu


Victor comes to ODU with over 15 years of experience in racing at all levels including working as a professional race engineer and semi-professional driver. Victor also brings extensive industry and business experience including work as a design engineer for Caterpillar and a co-op student for BMW AG.



•Caterpillar: Design engineer, supplier quality engineer and supply chain management
•CGN & Associates: Engineering consultant- design and FEA specialist
•VDO NA- Design engineer and project lead
•BMW AG: Co-op student for BMW R&D in Munich, Germany


•VIPER: Director of the Engine and Drivetrain Lab, race engineer
•IMSA, Professional Sportscar and ALMS: Full-time engineer for Pro Formula Mazda team. Development and team test driver.
•Pro SCCA: Engineer and Driver
•SCCA: Engineer and Driver
•Formula SAE: Virginia Tech team co-captain and design engineer. Design Judge at 2009 SAE-VIR and 2011 SAE-Detro