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The mission of the Department of Engineering Technology is to:

Produce graduates who are well-educated and ready to contribute to the technical work force and society, practice ethical behavior and participate in life-long learning.

Continue the development of programs that attract and maintain a strong student population including students who transfer from community college.

Continue course development utilizing effective state-of-the-art technology in the delivery of traditional and distance learning programs.

Continue the development of an informed, effective faculty through applied research opportunities, scholarly activity and professional service.

Continue the development of modern programs that address emerging technologies and meet the needs of regional and international communities


The Department of Engineering Technology will establish itself as a nationally recognized leader in the delivery of traditional and distance learning engineering technology programs.

Strategic Plan Goals

  1. Provide quality education to an increasing on-campus student body.
    Objectives under this goal are to:
    1. Develop new recruitment techniques for freshmen coming from high schools
    2. Increase articulation efforts with Virginia community colleges
    3. Continue to develop, renew and publicize ET programs, including
      General Engineering Technology options
    4. Renew and revitalize on-campus laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment
    5. Develop short and long-range projections for student enrollments.
  2. Provide national leadership in the development and implementation of distance learning programs and technology. Objectives under this goal are to:
    1. Fortify our ability to serve Virginia community college graduates in their pursuit of a baccalaureate degree in engineering technology
    2. Increase our ability to serve students in other parts of the country and world through video streaming and CD-Rom-based and web-based courses
    3. Develop and improve virtual laboratory experience towards national recognition
    4. Collaborate with other recognized institutions in producing programs and exchangeable courses in engineering technology.
  3. Develop a respected relationship with the industrial community in the region through applied research and other programs.
    1. Develop a respectable level of applied research appropriate to the expertise of the faculty
    2. Seek out and develop training programs appropriate to the needs of the technical community including industry and government agencies
    3. Seek opportunities for grants to enhance the education of our students and the community in general
    4. Provide opportunities for the professional development of the ET faculty to better meet the previous objectives