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Heart Laboratory

(Directed by Dr.Steven Knisley)

Biomedical engineering emphasizes the application of engineering principles and methods to solve problems in health care, medicine, and biology. The laboratory focuses often requires to the heart. Heart failure is a problem that can be lethal and often requires heart transplantation in order to preserve life. Atrial defibrillation is a problem that can produce stroke, which has devastating consequences.

Technologies to address these and other cardiac problems include novel-wave forms of stimulation, devices to enhance muscle contraction and pump function, measurements of electric pulse effects on cells, ablation technologies and strategies to guide ablation.

Lab Capabilities:

  • Instrumentation for electro-physical measurement; bioelectric stimulation, cardiac optical mapping with fluorescent dyes, medical device prototyping, preclinical bench testing and animal testing.

Lab Facilities:

  • Equipment includes lasers, spectrometers, fast fluorescence system, Bio-potential amplifiers, micro positioners, stimulators, microscopes, a fabrication bench signal processing software.


Resources that can be accessed by industry:

  • Medical device prototyping
  • Cardiac mechanical and electrical measurement
  • Bio effects of surgery and ablation technology assessment
  • Human body surface potential mapping




Diagram of a Goldfish Heart Stimulated by Electrodes


 Bar for a Potential Prosthetic Subjected to Finite Element Method Testing